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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the focus on liberty?

Liberty is the freedom to make your own decisions without restrictions imposed by authority. The issues that the Hispanic community cares about the most—such as education, the economy, immigration, and health care—are matters that policymakers have failed us on continuously. While they may have good intentions, our leaders have too readily embraced top-down strategies to fix our most complex problems. We believe that leaders in public policy can be more effective in making positive change by embracing the principles of individual liberty and free enterprise. By doing so, individuals and communities will have the freedom to decide how best to address challenges and have more opportunities to prosper.

What are the benefits of mentorship?

If one thing is true in life, it's that it's hard to do things alone. Especially when trying to find your first job or if you're still exploring your interests, a mentor's knowledge, experience, and network are the perfect tools to help chart your path and open the door to new opportunities. While only 37% of professionals have a mentor, those with one are five times more likely to be promoted, and 90% are happier in their jobs. 

Who should apply?

While our mentorship program focuses on assisting those interested in public policy careers in the liberty space, there are a variety of roles available to those looking to make a difference. Other examples of positions include communications, fundraising, finance, and events. We only ask that you have an interest in advancing liberty, or at least a desire to learn more. 

Hispanics Forward is open to applicants with at least junior undergraduate standing to those with less than five years of work experience in their desired field. If you are curious, motivated, and ready to make a difference, this may be the program for you.

What opportunities exist after the program?

Although the mentorship only lasts six months, it doesn't have to stop there. Once you complete the program, Hispanics Forward will continue to be a resource for you to use throughout your entire career. Our team is committed to your success, and our alumni efforts will help connect you to other opportunities and events relevant to your career goals.

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