About Us

Hispanics Forward is a mentorship program committed to bringing more Hispanic voices to the liberty movement. After a few years of combined experience in Washington, D.C., we identified a diversity gap in policy careers within this space and have sought to bridge that gap ever since. By founding Hispanics Forward, we hope to cultivate the next generation of Hispanic leaders who embrace the principles of free markets and individual liberty.

Meet our Team


Grauben Lara

Grauben previously worked on educational programs at Stand Together Fellowships. He also previously hosted his own podcast, Zocayo, which focused on bringing people together and learning from one another. Before Stand Together, he worked in audio and video production at the Mercatus Center.  


Alexandra Perez

Alexandra is the health policy project manager at the Cato Institute. A native of Southern California, she moved to D.C. after obtaining an MPP from Pepperdine University. Before joining Cato, Alexandra helped manage outreach efforts and operations at the Mercatus Center.